Welcome to THE EXPANDING CIRCLE – An online community of people committed to supporting one another in living and loving life to its fullest—and in spreading the word about THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everything!, a life altering new movie that debuts October 15. Exploring the metaphysics of success, THE ANSWER provides you with a navigational roadmap to powerfully accelerate your life in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, self-expression and wisdom. Find out more about THE ANSWER at www.GetTheAnswer.org

THE EXPANDING CIRCLE serves as a meeting place and provides members with tools to share and support what they are up to in life. Build your network, make new friends and stay in touch with associates. This site allows you to easily centralize communication, synchronize calendars, and share files. Furthermore, the network area enables members to learn more about each other and build deeper relationships.

What is THE EXPANDING CIRCLE? Webster’s says it best…

ex·pand·ing: 1. To increase the size, volume, quantity, or scope of; enlarge 2. To open (something) up or out; spread out.

cir·cle: 1. a complete series forming a connected whole; cycle 2. a number of persons bound by a common tie; coterie.

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